Saturdays & Sundays, March 18th- April 15th


Learn about the history of sugar making, watch the process of turning sap into syrup and taste some delicious sugar-on-snow. Tours take approximately 40 to 45 minutes. Join us afterwards for pancakes in the lodge!



  We offer a Maple Sugar 
  Program especially for
  school groups.   
    -Monday to Friday
    -up to a busload of 
    - includes 
    - approx. 1 1/2 hours

** Please let us know at time of booking if you will be bringing your snack or lunch.

  Dress for the weather &
   wear proper footwear!

ON THE MENU ...........

We serve homemade pancakes, local sausage, deliciously PURE maple syrup, and coffee/tea/apple juice. You can also add some of Gig’s homemade baked beans!

We take pride in serving only the best from our kitchen. Denise’s pancakes are made using Spearville flour, we serve Degenhardt's gluten-free sausages, our beans are baked by Gig right here at Elmhurst Outdoors.

For your Safety & Comfort ..........

Please be sure to dress for the weather as the tour is mostly outside.  Proper footwear is important as trails and fields are uneven and can be wet or snowy.

           Reservations are required!

832-4421  or


  Calendar for Availability.... School_Calendar.html
Family fun .... naturally!

All visitors to the sugar woods by reservation only.  See below.

2017 Weekend Tour Schedule

Times listed are tour times.  Pancakes are served following the tour.  If you are coming for a tour only or pancakes only, please let us know at the time of booking.

Due to the high volume of visitors during the sugar season, the only way we can accommodate people wishing to see our evaporating room, displays and sugar woods is through reservation for a guided tour.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Dog Policy

“Lots of fun for little folks and all folks for that matter! Lovely breakfast! Thanks!”

Debbie C., John& Kate McLaughlin & family & the Gibsons

“Had a wonderful time.  Great eperience, food & lots of knowledge!  Had a great time!

Dempsey Family: Solange, Dave & Ethan

“Always informative & we love everything maple!!”

Alison Smith, Mark Bates, Gigi & Tommy

“Wonderful tour despite the rain, and yummy pancakes!!  We’ll be back!”

Ben Appleby & Lacey White

Maple Syrup Tour  with Sugar-on-snow

            Adults  $7.00   Children  $6.00


On the Menu ...


2 homemade pancakes with pure maple syrup,  

   Degenhardt sausage & coffee/tea/juice .... $7.83+hst

                               with baked beans ...... $10.00 +hst




               *****  GLUTEN FREE *****

If you make a request at the time of booking we are now able to offer gluten free meals for regular price plus $2.00.    

GLUTEN FREE pancakes are cooked on the same griddle as regular pancakes so we cannot guarantee there is no cross contamination.

side of Gig’s baked beans .... $2.17 +hst

extra sausage .... $1.74 +hst

biscuit .... $1.30 +hst

Bowl of Gig’s baked beans &

                                   biscuit .... $5.21 +hst

coffee/tea .... $1.74 +hst

apple juice .... $1.30 +hst

Wee One

1 pancake with maple syrup, apple juice ..... $5.65 +hst

Wee Two

1 pancake, maple syrup, sausage & apple juice

                                                                 ..... $6.74 +hst

Kids’ Menu